This is a serious pet peeve of mine. The world has come to all texts and shortened abbreviations and no one cares about their grammar…….you see what I did there….. I used their, as in possessive (their grammar)  and there, like over there.

I see so many Facebook posts with grammatical errors and no one says anything. Now, I know it’s not the nicest thing to correct someone when they are making a post, but boy do I want to SO bad.

Here are some examples and tell me if I am wrong…..

I want go to Walmart on Sunday afternoon because it’s busy.

want….should be won’t. How hard is it to change a letter and add an apostrophe?

Were going to the store.

Again ADD a flippin’ apostrophe!  We’re going to the store, or better yet, just type your words out. We are going to the store.

There are so many examples, and I am not sure why it drives me so crazy but it does!!

There, their, and they’re

The toy is over there.

Their toy is ruined.

They’re going to the store for a new toy.

Want & won’t

I want to go to the store.

I won’t go to the store.  You use this in place of will not.

Y’all it really isn’t that difficult, and I guess people just don’t care. I know there are more that I see on a daily basis and it drives me up the wall.

Is it laziness? Is it they truly don’t know?  What is it? Am I making a big deal out of nothing? I feel like our teachers work their asses off to teach us these things and then we just throw it all away because we either don’t care, or we weren’t paying any attention.

When you make these mistakes in writing, to be sure it will be relayed into your professional life as well? Do businesses not care what type of grammar mistakes you make?

When we were looking for office help, that was one of the first things I did. I made sure the applicants used proper grammar with certain words, as this person would be sending professional emails for me and I want it to be just that…professional.

I am not saying I majored in English, and I don’t make mistakes in my writings, because I am sure I do, but COME ON, these words y’all are using change the complete meaning of the word. For me, it makes it difficult to read when all I can do is think of the word you have used and the word that should have been used.

So, let’s continue.

Were & We’re

Were you going to the store today?

We’re going to the store today.

My mind of course has gone blank in thinking of more words that are used incorrectly, but YOU TELL ME.

What are your pet peeves?

Do you despise grammatical errors? Can you not stand when people add an s to the end of a word….

Sonics, mines, etc…

Let me know! I’m curious to see other’s thoughts!!



Skipping Line

Today, I was running a few minutes behind, and as mentioned, if I am running behind, I run the risk of being farther back in the line which means it takes even longer to get my son and puts me even later getting to my daugher’s school. I really can’t have that today, considering we have a doctor’s appointment to get to by 4:00 and they want you 15 minutes early.

I was running late because of course I forgot that I needed to load up the stroller since I will have all 4 at the doctor’s office, and they DON’T have  SEPERATE waiting areas for the sick and well kids, so I have to keep them CONTAINED since they aren’t sick!

I had to take a shower in between a grocery run, picking up the toddler from preschool, and leaving to sit in The Mommy Line and wait for my son.   Of course I ended up having to nurse the baby first because we had been in the car what feels like all morning and he slept while my daughter was at preschool so i didn’t nurse him then, because who wakes a sleeping baby?!?!?  Especially one that had shots yesterday and I believe is on the verge of TEETHING!

Once I finally finished drying and straighening my hair and NOT wanting to wear ANYTHING that was in my closet, it was almost time to leave and I had forgotten to pack diapers in the diaper bag because the appointment was moved from 4:15 to 4:00 and because of that I wasn’t going to run home first anymore before heading there and then to my daughter’s Fall Festival.  I also had to load the stroller.

Did I mention that we moved a few months ago??? Well, we just got around to emptying our storage unit and I have a couple boxes in the back of my car, which prohibit me from putting my stroller back there where it belongs.  That being said, the stroller is my car passenger today! I am now sweating profusely, because it is WAY TOO HOT to be FALL/October, and I realized after doing all this, that I forgot my toddler’s shoes in the house, and so i went and swiped them really quickly.  On the way to the school, I realized I had forgotten to put deodorant on!  If it isn’t one thing, it is another, so I decided to skip the line when I got to school and it was about 20 cars long.

No one wants to move up in the line, because there are vacant cars blocking right in front of the school where parents have gone in to check out their children early.  Meanwhile, there are spots in front of said vacant cars that no one goes around, until today!  I am usually the 2nd or 3rd car and today I was NOT going to be 20 deep in the line…not gonna happen, so I took it upon myself to move the little traffic cones blocking the 2nd lane and SKIPPED LINE!!  It was kind of invigorating to skip the line.  As I moved the cones, I could feel the GLARE of the mom in the minivan, like I had just taken her Starbucks right out of her hands!  So today, ladies and gentlemen, I am the 5th car in line!!  The little things can make an afternoon/day so much better.

As I sit here writing in The Mommy Line, I can finally take a deep breath and just relax for a few minutes without having a kid hanging all over me (which i love, but sometimes need a little break)  I can actually hear myself think for the next 30 minutes and then the CHAOS will start all over again.  My son will get in the car and tell me about the little girl that gets on his nerves and makes up lies about him, and we will zoom off to the other school to sit and wait in line there.  My son will unbuckle and stick his head out of the window like he has no home training, and completely do the opposite and prove I am raising a little gentleman, by waiting until his sister gets to the door, and opens it for her asking her how her day was.  We will briefly discuss the day and run on to the doctor’s appointment, then meet my parents at their house and head out to the Fall Festival.  Once we get home tonight, I have a surprise planned for the kids.

They have been asking me for a few months now to do this Pringles Challenge they saw on YouTube.    You have several flavors of PRINGLES and blindfold them and let them taste them and try to guess the flavor. I bought every kind of Pringle Flavor they had at WALMART today.  I think I ended up with 14 or 15 different flavors, so it should be fun.  I will let you know tomorrow how it goes tonight, provided they aren’t too tired from the Festival.

Who knew at the beginning of the year, The Mommy Line, would be my saving grace; the time where I can reflect on life and love and motherhood, and everything that goes through a mom’s head on a daily basis.  I really looked at sitting in a line for over an hour in a very negative light at the very beginning of the year, but maybe this was what God intended for me so that I wouldn’t go completely crazy. I’m just trying to get by one day at a time with 4 kids in tow and a husband that loves us and works so hard to provide for us.  Enough said on this beautifully, HOT day in OCTOBER!!!

Today I skipped the Line.

Pray for Me!