I’ve Got it All Figured Out

Well, I would like to think I have it all figured out, but we all know that isn’t the case, but for a brief moment, feeling like I’ve Got it All Figured Out, feels pretty amazing.

While I realize no one is reading this, or if they are, they don’t like it, I have found it to be very therapeutic to write if for anything, for my self. I have always enjoyed writing when it came to writing about things I liked, whether it be a poem, or a made up story, I throughly enjoy it. Maybe I just enjoy typing with a purpose, because I love typing. Is that weird? Anyways, I have been doing so much thinking and pondering, and as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I have always wanted to write a book, but who wants to read about someone’s life that isn’t famous, right?

Well, I’ve decided to write my book, and if no one reads it, oh well. I don’t think I will feel complete in life until I have written my story and have a hard copy to give to my children one day. They in turn can give it to their children, and so on. I’ve discovered over the years that writing is kind of in my blood. While no one has become a famous author or anything of that magnitude, a lot of people write in my family. My grandmother wrote her Memoirs she had printed and gave to us about a year ago, my other grandmother used to write the most beautiful poetry. When she passed a few years ago, my uncle took all of her poems and put them together and made a book for everyone so that we could all enjoy her writing. My uncle loves to write as well. Every Christmas he has a Christmas story that he tells about their family and their year and what they have done and accomplished. He also dabbles in some other writing as well. My mother also loves to write poems. Any occasion that calls for anything sentimental, she’s there writing a poem about it. I actually wrote a poem for my grandfather that was read at his funeral years ago.

So, I seen to have it all figured out, maybe not so much the logistics of when I will write, but the FACT that I AM going to write my book. Who knows, maybe my triumphs over so many obstacles will help people if they will actually read it. You never know. The things stopping me in the past from writing, I believe are gone. I have had so many excuses and have thought way too much about it. You can’t make up life stories, because you’ve lived them, and because I’ve lived through so much in such a short amount of time, I truly think I need to be heard. Maybe I will finish the book, and it will be a best seller?? Highly doubtful, but positivity is what I need to work on. If anything, I will write an incredible love story like no other fairy tale anyone has heard, because I am living it, and it isn’t all pretty, and it isn’t all ball gowns and castles. It is real and raw, and that is what I am. I am excited about this next Chapter that I will be embarking on, and hopefully, soon, I will have some readers of my own in this Blogging World, so someone else can be excited with me about this! Until then,

Pray for Me!!!