How I Roll

I am terrible at coming up with titles for blogs, just FYI in advance!  I entitled this How I Roll, simply because I want to tell you my process for getting in the car, what I do in the car, and getting in the Mommy Line in time to sit and wait over an hour to get my son.  It may not seem interesting, but trust me, it is.  If you read yesterday, you know that my toddler stripped down to her diaper and took the chair in the living room captive in order to try and get me to not leave the house and go get her brother.  Not only do I want to talk to you about that, but also, this cool bag that I have that I have started using for my blogging materials, i.e. My IPad and Bluetooth Keyboard.

It takes every ounce of energy out of me to get the 2 kids fed and ready to go get in the car, just to sit over an hour.  On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, my toddler has preschool, so that disrupts the day by itself, but today was even more scattered, because after drop-off this morning, I wanted to rush home and get the house clean, because NOBODY knows how to clean up after themselves in my house.  If my brain could handle it, I would go a week without doing a thing other than changing diapers, fixing meals, nursing the baby, and taking kids to school and their other activities.  Can you imagine what the house would look like? I can only imagine the laundry and dishes and trash everywhere.  If only, then maybe they would appreciate me a little more.  It is doubtful, considering, I would just clean it all up after that week and it would just be twice as bad had I cleaned it up to begin with.  With that said, I will NOT be going on a clean Hiatus, or Yatus, as JC would say from Big Brother, and now I’m sitting in this line, laughing out loud!! If you don’t know what I’m referring to, look it up! After my quick clean up, I had to rush and wrap customer orders and then do preschool pick-up and monogram drop off a few miles from the house, so in and out of the car we went.  I’m not sure how I’m not skinnier with all the dropping off and picking up and carrying and moving that I do.  If only the weight just fell off, that would be a miracle within itself.  My husband says it takes 9 months to gain the weight, so I’m good, because it’s only been a little over 4.  I wonder what he will say once I hit the 9 month mark??!?! LOL!

Alright, back to my “How I Roll.”  A little backstory first….. I have a slight shopping problem. I have it a bit under control now, considering we’ve got bills to pay, but I shop online with this cute little Boutique, KaleyJase Boutique.  It is located in Windsor, NC, and while I have never physically been there, the online experience is enough to want to shop with her on a daily basis, which I did do for a while.  Anyways, she has recently started selling Makeup Junkie Bags.  While I have a makeup bag, there was something about them that made me want one.  They come in a few different sizes, and are all hand made in the USA, which is pretty cool in my eyes, so while they are a bit pricier than I would like to pay, I decided to get one. I got the largest one they make, and it literally sat on my bench in my bedroom for 2 weeks.  I passed it every time I went into the bathroom, and just kept brainstorming what I wanted to use it for.  Most people buy them to use for their makeup, especially since they are either wipeable or machine washable depending on the bag you get. This idea is fantastic considering, we all know how makeup spills even when it’s closed somehow, and/or the toddler(not mine of course) LOVES getting into mom’s makeup! So, I buy a Makeup Junkie Bag, that is a little more than I’m used to spending, because its washable, and then it sits on my bench, and doesn’t get used, but I can’t stop staring at it, so I KNOW it has got to have a use, then it hit me!  I’m going to use it for my IPad and Keyboard!!!  Is it supposed to be used for that, well, no, not exactly, but it is PERFECT.  Yes, there are IPad cases, and mine is in a case, but I want something I can throw those two items in and plop it in the diaper bag, and this Makeup Junkie Bag is PERFECT!!!  Pictures and Link Below……

Also, how I roll……I am in the car ALOT!  As previously mentioned in the blog yesterday, we have a son in soccer, two girls in dance and tumbling, preschool, regular school, part time work, doctor’s visits, class parties, The Mommy Line……..let me reiterate, we are in the car ALOT.  Wednesday is our longest day in and out of the car, because along with it being a preschool day, it is also a dance day, so I’m in the car at least 5 hours by the end of the day, and that is on the low end of things.  I feel like I am always running behind, and something about this 4th kid has really got me struggling to be on time ANYWHERE, so I rarely get to do my makeup at home.  I do my makeup in the car a lot, because again, we are in the car ALL the time it feels like!

My saving grace, which started out just as something fun for MYSELF, because let’s face it, moms rarely do anything for themselves other than bathe, and even that becomes a rarity when you have 4 kids to bathe and are just plain exhausted, is IPSY.  My cousing told me about IPSY last summer, and so I decided to try it out.  I wasn’t sure I would be into it, because I am no makeup artist, but I went ahead and paid for the YEAR because I got a small discount for doing it that way.  I also knew, that I would rather it come out at one time and then it would feel like I was getting something free in the mail. Y’all, GAME CHANGER!!  You complete a little survey and check off boxes about your skin tone and likes, and that sort of thing, then each month you get this hot pink polymailer!!!  Inside is a cute little zipper pouch with FIVE items in it.  I really consider it 6 items because of the bag.  My girls love using them for their things, because my makeup goes straight into my makeup bag, but y’all seriously, this has truly changed my makeup game.  I was a simple, one color eyeshadow, eyeliner, and foundation kind of girl…..NOW, I use at least 3 colors for eye shadow, have found a new mascara I absolutely LOVE, I use blush! I semi-contour/highlight…not really sure which I do, but I do the things with the triangles under your eyes and use a brush then a sponge and dab it until it blends (again, I am no makeup artist, just a mom trying to look halfway put together) I have a new love for makeup that I have never had before. Y’all, I use PRIMER! Can I just tell you,  the only Primer I ever thought of before IPSY, was the kind you put on the walls before you paint them! It is the BEST thing! I have broken walls of lip color I never would have thought of breaking had it not been for IPSY, and did I mention it comes in a HOT PINK polymailer.  My oldest daughter LOVES when I get it. She always wants to open it!!! If you have ever thought about whether or not to do it, DO IT! If you’ve never heard of IPSY, DO IT!!!  You will not regret it! Did I mention, that it’s only $10 per month?!?!? I just purchased an eye shadow palette a month ago that was HALF OFF for $25!!!  DO IT y’all, seriously!! For someone that does their makeup in the car, having the little sample sizes(some full sizes) it is a GAME CHANGER!

Here is a link with more details.

So y’all, that’s how I roll…..Toddler Tantrums, nursing baby, dropping off monogram orders, drop-off and pick up at THREE different places, dance, tumbling, soccer games and soccer practice, PTO, part time work, full time monogramming, and full time MOM all coming at you from The Mommy Line.

Pray for Me!!